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UDPATE: Seth's original song "Underground" was recently chosen for use in a new HBO show, "True Detective".

Seth Regan, a native New Yorker now residing in California, is a singer/songwriter who writes music that speaks to his audience through very relatable experiences and insights. His sound is one that combines classic and progressive rock influences with a modern pop/rock vibe.

After 20 years of professional touring with various cover and originals projects, Seth discovered Second Life in 2006. Second Life was a growing 3D Virtual Community where he began to perform shows regularly under the name "Mankind Tracer". Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Seth rose to being one of the top rock artists and maintains that status today, among the now hundreds of performers in SL. Many of the current millions of global members have become familiar with Seth's music and brand. During his time performing in Second Life, Seth has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards including "Best Live Performer", "Best Singer Songwriter", "Listener's Choice Award" and the "2011 Best of SL Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life". He is without question Second Life's most widely recognized rock performer.

Seth has self released 5 original CDs including his most recent "Left of Center” which includes a classically arranged ballad, “Only For You”, the insightful"So Many Things" and the powerfully political stance "One Voice". Seth says about the new album “All the songs are very personal to me. I have been through the harder rock phases and this time around, I have found myself once again with an acoustic in my head and in my heart. I'm back where I started all those years ago, playing acoustic gigs in Greenwich Village, NY and it feels great. It feels real.

Seth continues to perform in Second Life to a global audience and is constantly growing his already large fan base, exposing his music to new SL residents. He is also working on his next self release.

Seth plans to keep his SL performances going, including continuing to stream his live video shows into SL and Facebook and capitalizing on the new YouTube live streaming service to further expand on his already forward thinking methods of performance. "In today's ever changing music industry, is it very important for musicians to keep up with emerging technology and understand how influential it is to their careers and the music industry."

Seth is also continuing to seek out further licensing opportunities for placement of his music in TV, film, web and other media campaigns.

"Left of Center"
Seth returns to his ascoustic roots with some very profound lyrics and music. Grab it on SL Marketplace for delivery in world!
"From There to Now"
The Best of Seth Regan now available on iTunes. Grab it on SL Marketplace for delivery in world!
Just released on iTunes , Seth's latest album includes the already popular "Paper Cup, "Do it Again" and the title track, "Underground"!
"Depth of Shadows"
An all original compilation of what Seth call's very personal music. Grab it now on iTunes and everywhere!

(Will be available soon)
"Beyond the Shade"
Seth's first original CD release including the smash Second Life hit "Inside Your Dreams". Available on iTunes and other stores.
"Stream of Sound"
An acoustic guitar compilation of 12 covers and 4 original sung without any backing tracks and voted on by Second Life friends and fans globally.

(Will be available soon)

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