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Seth Regan's music is available for licensing for TV, Film, Video Games and various ad campaigns. Working with Seth removes the need for going through different channels (and multiple licenses) to get the job done.

• Seth owns 100% of his masters and publishing.
• He uses no samples, alleviating the need for multiple licenses and/or clearances.
• Seth is a "one stop shop".
• He is a multi intrumentalist and vocalist and can compose for different genres.
• He can write on spec, custom per project.
• He is able to deliver Broadcast Quality, ready to air.
• Seth writes, arranges, performs, sings and produces all of his own material.
• Seth is always professional and extremely ethical in his business dealings.
• You can always expect delivery on time or ahead of schedule.

For Licensing Inquiries, or if you require a download of Seth's music, please email Licensing You'll always get a fast respnse and turn around time

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